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Quick Asian Egg Rice Bowl


My version of an Asian egg and rice bowl with sesame oil, fried garlic and spring onion, I break up the egg then eat with the rice . This is traditionally made for breakfast in Asia but you could have it for breaky lunch or dinner. So simple but so good! perfect if you have a small amount of rice in the fridge to use up.


Chop some garlic and fry In a small amount of oil until golden then drain on paper towel and set aside, alternatively you could just fry the garlic in with the eggs but i like to make it separately and make a good amount of garlic to use on other dish's

Heat up a fry pan with oil, break two eggs in and cook to your liking then drain the egg on paper towel and season well with salt. I like to use about 1/4 cup or so of oil so it goes crispy but you can use a small amount of oil or make some boiled eggs instead

Serve the egg on top of warm rice, garnish with freshly chopped spring onion and a few drops of sesame oil plus the fried garlic. You could also serve this with soy sauce or sriracha or whatever you wish, you could leave the garlic out altogether. Enjoy

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